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  1. Great first podcast! We’ve started a “makerspace” (we prefer the term hackerspace) in Bloomington. Check out our wiki at bloominglabs.org. It’s a fairly simply thing to get started. If you want, I’d be glad to talk to you all about it sometime. I’d be glad to come on the podcast and talk about it as well.

    Also, most of the gaming stores have spaces for kids to play games. They play a lot of CCGs, but they also play board games and D&D. Does Carmel/Fischers not have a game store that provides this kind of space? I’m betting Indy does.

    And as for arcades, Indy just got a Dave and Busters. We are planning on heading there for Alex’s birthday this year. It’s not the same as the old arcades we remember, but it is fairly close. And there’s a bar and a restaurant on site.

    Anyway, good job. I’m looking forward to listening to episode 2!

    1. Thank you Jenett. Yes, I know about Dave and Busters, we have another local putt-putt place near us called Ben and Ari’s, and there is Gillian’s in downtown Indianapolis. I guess I am more nostalgic for the crowded “original” mall arcades of the 80’s, so loud you could not talk, often the smell of smoke (or something else), and of course most of the games were a quarter!


  2. Started this reply yesterday, but work and sick boy got in the way. So I forget all my initial points.

    Carmel and Fishers are baren of game stores as far as I know. There used to be one in Fishers, but went out in about a year or so. It had a few tables out front for gaming. There is the Game Preserve on the North side of Indy, but it is small and no space out front for casual gaming. There are game stores and gaming groups in downtown Indy, but with the population of Carmel and Fishers, I find it hard to understand why there is nothing here. Carmel had a population of 68,600 in 2007 and Fishers had 69,000 in 2008. With over 137,000 people, you’d think there would be a least 1 gaming store. I’m just a little miffed.

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