2 thoughts on “Episode 3”

  1. I’m here because of Liz! Go 2am Podcast! Jeff has a great voice! “You’re a guest, you don’t have listeners”. LOL. I didn’t download this, I listened online. Does that count in your counts?

    The building on to the house thing is the Winchester House. I went there! Here was my blog entry from that visit: http://jimandgarret.blogspot.com/2009/04/4-2-09-thursday-happy-halloween.html

    I loved Journeyman. I HATE cancellations. I also liked Jericho.

    @Liz: I loved hearing your voice. Putting a face with text and now with a voice.

    Liz should be a regular!


  2. Thanks Garret. Liz is all right, I guess. She may make an appearance here and there. She may even warrant her own show at some point. Any listen shows up in the counts. It actually breaks them down between feed, web, and plays. The numbers are slowly growing.

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