Episode 4

Episode 4 has arrived.
Liz is guesting again.
We have a recap from Ep.3 about the Winchester House and backward masking talk.
The American Dream.
Subliminal messages.
More Twin Peaks.
The State of the Union.
Politicians: Job or Career?
Bad Science / Peer review.
Sunday Night Live from the 80’s.

4 thoughts on “Episode 4”

  1. Liz rocks! Hi Liz! Hi guys!

    The stolen Girl Scout Cookie (Brownies) mention was hilarious! I truly laughed out loud. Thin Mints, Mmmmmm.

    I have to call long distance? 317 area code. Will you reimburse long distance charges?

    I loved Liz’s accents. She needs to get into different characters on your show.

  2. After I listened to this episode, I realized I probably need to make a disclaimer, sorry to get technical, but we live in a litigated world.

    1. I feel I need to disclose I work for a company that had/has a stake in the vaccine/autism arena. My statements in the podcast related to the cause and relationship of vaccines and autism are in no way a reflection of the company I work for or an official opinion of that company.

    2. I am not an immunologist or a mental health expert in the field of autism, my statements are merely driven by opinion based on life experience as a parent and volunteer youth leader. I have had the opportunity to work with, and observe many children with varying levels of spectrum challenges and my statements are in no way driven from a position of authority, merely my opinion, the worth of which is up to you to decide.

    3. Similarly, I am not a registered nutritionist or physician so my statements about the nutritional value of food, food safety, and its relationship to various diseases and maladies is purely opinion based on life experience and empirical observation.

    I am an opinionated scientist who gets really torqued off when others in the field feel they must, or are corrupted into thinking they won’t hurt anyone if they, read more into what the data is saying or flat out manipulate data to make a point. The sad result of a handful of people’s poor judgment is a negative reflection on the group as a whole and diminishes the efforts and hard works of the profession.

    Information and opinion should be shared, and if it sparks new thought or introspection in others, so much the better, but use your own good judgment, do some research, and talk to medical professionals, (if appropriate), before making changes in diet and lifestyle that may affect your overall health, or that of your loved ones, regardless of outcome or potential.

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