2 thoughts on “Snowmageddon 2011”

  1. Five hours of chipping away with an ice breaker to get me 1/3 the way up my driveway, which normally takes about an hour to do the entire thing…

    To add insult to injury, even after getting through the area of ice by the road which had at least 5″ of ice build up from the snow plows. My D%$# car was still mired in a trough of ice I barely made it out of on Thursday.

    Given the proximity to flat exhaustion and heart failure I was at, I can’t even imagine how some a bit older and less in shape than someone like me would handle this. Maybe they haven’t even left their houses. Which is probably OK since there seems to be no salt available for purchase in the entire county.

    Gotta love those once in a decade storms.


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