Episode 6

Episode 6(66) – You’ll hear why…
Voice and E-mail discussion…
What is a pharmacokineticist
World Destruction
Children in the background
Dick Clark?
Damn DVR and more TV talk
Thermal pools and pressure
Ricky Gervais show on HBO
Terror Alert colors
Cookies as a bribe

15 thoughts on “Episode 6”

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you can tweak your Podcasts to my needs. (long distance numbers – email). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lizocentric! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I heard the children whining in the background. =)

    With all of the “end of the world” threats, no one believes any of the newer ones. Sad to think that if it were true, we’d ignore it. Bummer dude.

    I was at Yellowstone and they have interactive models in their visitor’s center that does talk about impending doom and gloom. It’s interesting.

    I’ve ridden a Segway and it’s awesome!

    A red alert? Hide under your desk. Every home should have a few desks to hide under.

    You didn’t beat the Armageddon horse. You slaughtered the whole team. By the way, I had to Google what a group of horses is called. It’s funny> http://www.hintsandthings.com/kennel/collectives.htm A HORDE of hamsters!

    Subject for another podcast is what would we do without the internet?

  2. Good show…a couple of things….According to Dr. Johan Calleman the end of the mayan calender is actually Oct 28, 2011 not Dec 21, 2012…who really knows?? I watched Conspiracy Theory with former governor, Jesse “the body” Ventura, and he was talking about the Bilderberg group and how they want the population to be around 500,000,000 just like the Georgia Guidestones has on it and how they were going to do it is by the pharmaceutical companies (sorry Dave), food, and water. Apparently whatever they are putting into it is supposed to make us sterile so we cant procreate…that is if I remembered the show correctly

    1. Must be a different division, and definitely above my pay grade!

      I honestly wish we were capable of half the things the industry is accused ofโ€ฆ

      However, some reasearch has indicated that many of the worlds current super powers are “ageing out” by not replacing their current population as fast as it is dying out. Supposedly that is true with the worldโ€™s militaries.

  3. I think Mr. Harkness will be getting a mention on the next podcast! Not only is he participating, he’s proving that he actually listens!

    Garret, I think you gave us 2 topics. What would life be like without the internet and funny names of groups of animals.

  4. Hey guys, and Liz. I came over here via Garret’s blog just to hear y’all talk about him… but I have to say that I enjoyed the show and I will be tuning in again! You have yourself a new fan now!

  5. Welcome Jennifer, I am glad the momentum is building, let’s hope when we get our other regular back, we don’t have a train wreck!

    What would we do without the internet, that is a great topic for discussion. If any of you have thoughts on the matter, let us know.

    You can send us e-mail at podcast@2ampodcast.com and v-mail at 317-348-1478

    Hey Jeff, is there a way to get the e-mail and v-mail as links or at least information on the main page?


  6. Did you ever think about using some intro and ending music? I don’t know if there is a legal problem with doing that.

  7. The “d” word? I admit I am rather fond of, and way to accustomed to, using expletives, but I am lost on this one?


  8. OK, I went back and listened to this one and I utter the “D” word a number of times. No promises, but I will try to pay attention to my usage of expletives.


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