Episode 8 – A day late, but 10 extra minutes of chewy goodness…

Episode 8 – A day late, but 10 extra minutes of chewy goodness…
Comments, comments, comments!
Trombones and Learning Music
Foreign languages
TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, Community, Chuck
Are you an Hour Man??
Conspiracy Theory, Apophis, BBC Survivors
Past lives
Meeting Jesus, thoughts on the Bible
Drugs, Deviants… sooo not us.
I’d like to meet…
Van Gough, Van Goff, Van Gosh
Demand the return of Liz!  We Want Liz!
Dave wants the smallest thing he can get.

9 thoughts on “Episode 8 – A day late, but 10 extra minutes of chewy goodness…”

  1. Hey guys! Great episode… and I am making sure that I get my comments in early enough since last time I was a little late and didn’t get a mention. lol.

    OMG I didn’t know that there was going to be a smurfs movie. That is so cool. I might go see that one… and it’s in 3D. Pretty cool!!! I haven’t seen a trailer for it yet, but I did look it up on IMDB.

    I have heard that they are doing away with cursive in schools, that is a bit odd! As for signatures…. I work in a tax office and people actually sign their names with just a scribble mark and the IRS accepts it. It amazes me what some people’s signatures look like.

    Oh I love Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons is hilarious! I have not watched Community yet. I watched $*** My Dad Says for the first time this past week and it was so funny. I had never seen it, but when he talked about the Cool Whip not being dairy and wanting to store it next to the Mop & Glow…. I was rolling laughing!!! I must have missed an episode of How I Met Your Mother I didn’t know Barney met his dad. Last I saw of that story line he called his mom and asked about him and Marshall’s dads funeral. Ok, I went on too long about tv shows. lol….

    I believe in reincarnation. I say all the time that I believe my dogs are reincarnated humans. I believe that my male dog was an old man that had a full, and happy life. He seems like he was a caregiver of some type. My younger female I believe was a child. I don’t know who or what I was in a past life. It would be very cool to find that out.

    As for people that I would like to meet, Marilyn Monroe is one of them. I did a report on her when I was in High School and of course I’m one of those people that believe that the Kennedy’s murdered her. Amelia Earhart & Abraham Lincoln are two more.

    Can’t wait to hear the next episode. Thanks for keeping me entertained. Jen

  2. Hey guys…I just listened to you guys today (ihad the day off of work because im getting ready to move tomorrow so im packing). First of all I have played trumpet for 20 years and in college they had me try to learn valve trombone so you dont have to mess with the slide…

    I am a firm believer in reincarnation… I was raised Southern Baptist and in my own researching have come to believe in something totally different than what they believe…in regards to past life regression it is helpful for someone that has a fear of the dark or drowning to look into past lives and find out what happen and people have been “cured” from their fears after its been done…I still believe in God and that he is the creator…but as for the bible, not so much. It has been translated and edited to skew our beliefs one way and that is to fear god and i believe he does not want that…I believe some of the morals that come from the stories in the bible (our translated version anyway) to be great to live by for example “do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself, today brings enough trouble of its own” from Matthew 6:34 I think. Im not trying to start a debate these are my beliefs. Alright I will get off my soapbox now 🙂

    Im glad you guys tried watching conspiracy theory…me personally would rather watch that than decoded. I was watching an episode of decoded last night about the free masons and they were talking about the white house cornerstone and how truman was doing renovations…he got to a certain point and stopped….from there he sent out pieces of stone with masonic symbols on it to quite a few different temples…they never brought up could that have been the cornerstone?? no they are still trying to find it even though they saw a piece of brick in the masonic library in DC and a picture of the white house above it and they never seem to put 2 and 2 together…all well…

    Keep up the good work and we will listen to you soon!!

  3. Montessori schools still teach cursive. That style is actually an easier and more fluid way of writing and fits better with the way a child’s mind works.

    Dave should be thankful his mom was a bank teller and not in dental school when he was a kid… I have stories of my own growing up with my mom and her dental school friends!

  4. Believe me I am not complaining. ;o)

    I did think it was neat that I was the only person I knew that actually got to look at and touch a $1000 bill! And at eight years old I could make change and calculate sales tax on purchases because the cash register we had at the store did not do it automatically.

  5. Smurf movie! I’d go see it. I liked, but not loved the Smurfs but since it’s part of my childhood, I feel compelled to see it. I did prefer any cartoon with magic or sci-fi so Dungeon and Dragons ruled for me.

    Bank signatures. Banks normally don’t confirm check signatures unless someone contests it. It’s mostly for direct withdrawals.

    1. The icons are part of WordPress. If you don’t already have one like Dave, you get a monster currently.

      We can always find end of world stuff to talk about.

      I was watching Jericho and got upset too that they cancelled it. It was getting interesting and you were finding out what happened around America. I think the ending was rushed (and unsatisfactory) when they found out they were cancelled but at least they tried to tie up some threads.

  6. Some shows like Walking Dead and Jericho makes me wonder how long can they keep going? Much like Flash Forward, I liked it but wondered about it “shelf life”. Apocalyptic shows and their demise might be a general good topic. How far can they go?

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