Episode 9 – 9 times? 9 times.

Episode 9 – 9 times? 9 times.
How I Met Your Mother.
When Jeff was a Playrrr (of games).
Playin’… games.
Giant Death Robot!
Marilyn Monroe… addiction… Growing up.
Abraham Lincoln.
Who has the biggest stick?
I want my, I want my, I want my MTV.
Outdoor kids, kids on roofs.
When cartoons were good.
1000 Dollar Bill and Brian’s crazy old grandpa.
Medication, kids, homeopathy, dosages.
A special visit from a very special (and cute) guest.
A brief mention of The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcast.

11 thoughts on “Episode 9 – 9 times? 9 times.”

  1. Speaking of making stuff into guns- at dinner last night, Zach was eating a soft pretzel and took a bite and declared “I made a shooter thing! Bam! Bam!”

    Liz’s topic idea: There’s a video meme making the rounds where bloggers are reading a list of words and also answering a couple of questions. Might be fun to do on the ‘cast.

    Timothy Churchmouse was “Time for Timothy.” http://indyfaith.org/index.php?nid=96226&s=rs Seems I wouldn’t know about it because it was a local to Indy thing.

  2. Reading a list of words? Like what? I suppose any number of the facebook “tests” could make for interesting conversation.


  3. Doogie Howser. Is that how you spell that?

    Video games. I loved Dungeon Keeper (Where evil is good) and Populous: The Beginning. I STILL play Populous. Anyone familiar with these?

    Cable: I remember in NY my friends had HBO or WHT. Anyone remember WHT? I didn’t have any of that… we didn’t have much money.

    Welcome back Liz!

    You know, locking the doors isn’t just about YOUR neighborhood. Chances are your neighbor isn’t going to break in but rather someone else from around the area.

    I sat out on my roof several times and my mom and dad never yelled at me for it. The pitch was minor maybe?

    Thanks for the shout out Liz! You wouldn’t want to hear my voice right now. I’m still congested! OK, I take that back. I called! There! I did it! I left a message. Do I get a prize or anything? OK, I have to stop at 30 minutes into the podcast for now. Great episode, as usual.

    1. I used to play Populous all the time. It was a great time sink. I had Dungeon Keeper but lost it somehow soon after I got it. So I only played it once, I think.

      I have no idea on WHT…

      Now I need to go check the phone line for our first call…DING!!!

  4. Wow guys… Thanks… I feel so special!!! lol.
    Thanks for the opinions of the kids not going outside as much anymore. I agree that the times were different then, shoot I remember being out from the time I got home from school to the time the porch light went on. I didn’t have a care in the world… except making sure I could see that porch light… lol.
    Are you gonna play Garret’s call next week? I haven’t heard that sexy voice in years. lol. I am gonna try to call in sometime, but I want to hear his first. 🙂
    I only remember getting on the roof 1 time as a kid and it scared me, so I didn’t do it again. I have a horrible fear of heights…. I can’t even ride the monorail at Disney World. Yeah, lame, I know.
    Wish I could comment more, but I have to get going. Great episode again, can’t wait till next week!

  5. hey guys…and of course gal!! good show!! Have you guys have any interest the show The event?? it is coming back on this coming Monday…I like it its no lost or anything but good…the funny thing is i never watched lost until i bought my girlfriend seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas ( she is a lostie) A month later we watched the rest of season 6 and the series finale….keep up the good work and I will be listening to you soon…who knows maybe you’ll be hearing from me soon!!

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