Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show

Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show
Say What?? MUSIC!
RIAA and expensive music.
Memorabilia.  Got a Subway token?
Jeff’s our hero.
Dave wants to be taxed.  
Uh oh… Politics!  Politicians flee states, definitions of marriage, electoral college, (Zach has loud markers).
Hot topic: Texting and driving.
Rally against nose pickers!
Brian’s got a girlfriend!  And she’s a fiiiiine lady.
Dave and Liz recommend:   “Free Range Kids” and “Protecting the Gift”   As usual, we’re tired of fear driven stuff!
Dave teaches a history lesson on Frank Buckles.
Liz gets lost.  Perhaps she vanished into an alternate realty (Tales of Alvin Maker) like those written by Harry Turtledove.
Brian’s adventure: Chocola and the Rock-Cola 50’s Café .
What’s healthy eating, anyway?  A shout out to listener Jennifer!
Speech patterns, inflections, accents, and more!
Medication follow up.  And the wonders and dangers of alcohol and Tylenol.
Charlie Sheen! Charlie Sheen! Charlie Sheen! (and Muammar-Gaddafi).
Steve Martin- May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?
Happy birthday, Brian!
Vegetables… spinach, scallions, beets.  Yum!

8 thoughts on “Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show”

  1. The music was awesome! LOL! Not quite 70’s porn, but close.

    Jeff, what are you going to do with soooo many comics? I mean… 75????

    Free Range kids… sounds like chickens… only they don’t have soft squishy heads.

    Loud markers? I’m tempted to send you some sort of children’s pen/markers/crayons with sound effect capabilities.

    Go North!

    Go Jennifer! I love me some Jennifer!

    Healthy foods? If you couldn’t buy/eat it 100 years ago then don’t eat it now.

    I have Food, Inc in my Netflix instant Queue but I’m afraid to watch it. Right now we’re on season 3 of “Farscape”.

    Pronunciation: Insurance or INsurance. Have you heard that? Li-berry, I hate that! Jew-ry, or jewl-er-e. I hate alternate pronunciations. It’s like we’ve given in.

    Hygene-ist… THAT was funny and I was so hoping someone would correct him on that.

  2. When the democrats were in power in the Indiana house, they passed legislation that was disareeable to the Republicans and the people, but the Republicans did not shirk from their duty. The Democrats have to realize they are no longer in charge and there are consequences from elections. It’s a ” I can’t get my way, so I’m taking my ball and going home.” Or, to Illinois, in this case.

    I love you Liz, but legal and biblical marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s my opinion, but I respect opinions that differ with mine.

    I agree that goverment is too intrusive into our lives. One by one out rights are being taken away. Little by little we are losing them. I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. Why?
    Does the goverment want to protect us from our own destructive ways? I don’t think so. I believe they want to control our lives.

    Please forgive any gramatical errors.


  3. Hey guys great show as usual….Being that I am born and raised and am still present in the metro Detroit area it is and always will be “pop” not soda 🙂 I don’t think I have a twang in my voice in fact i had a linguist tell me I sound like a Canadian. Maybe thats because I am about a half hour away from it. I am also a Michiganian!! 🙂 I love chocolate-cola I think Arizona brand used to make one back in the day…Chocolate syrup and Pepsi does just fine. I already went off on the bible and I wont do it in regards to politics I have seen Zeitgeist, enough said 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep entertaining!

  4. 🙁 I haven’t had a chance to listen yet… been way too busy with work. Hopefully I will get to listen tonight!!!! I can’t wait to hear this one after reading the comments… and before I listen I just want to say: I’m from FL, we say soda… but now that I have moved to Ohio, everyone calls it pop and they look at me funny when I say soda.. lol… and I support gay marriage! I honestly think there is nothing wrong about two people of the same sex being in love. I think they should have the same rights as straight people !!!!

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