Episode 11 – The Zombie Show

Episode 11 – The Zombie Show
Liz is filling in for Brian- in more ways than one?
A trip to the TransWorld Haunt Show .
Touching naked, painted women.
Dave gets lost.
A lack of reporting?
Nicknames- Briney Browens, Hot Liz, Spooky Jessica, Uncle Teagan, Uncle Dad, Small Dog, Canus Minimus.
Would you people just leave e-mails and voicemails already?
AMC’s The Walking Dead .
More on the End of the World!!  The Rapture…
Do you speak jive?
Astronaut ice cream.
Who’s line is it, anyway?  (Nope, not the TV show).
Buck Rogers.
Liz ruins Voltron.
Droppin’ names… our podcast followers!
Arrogance, confidence, and doctors, A brief mention on vaccines, You have a voice- use it!
Future topics: confidence vs arrogance, what will our future be…

9 thoughts on “Episode 11 – The Zombie Show”

  1. Dave,
    I happen to like your political views. You sure make a lot of sense to me. Call me old fashion, but I see things happening, in our country, that scare me. To much spending, to many handouts and the lose of our freedom, little by litte, to name a few. I do think that things will change for the better in the next few years. People are starting to wake up, but, many people still have no clue as to what is going on. Wake up, people.

  2. Thank you. I am honestly more of a Moderate than anything else, but I have some strong conservative leanings when it comes to government’s role in our lives. I also feel very strongly about spending more than we have. It seems to me to be the very thing that is undermining the stability of our Country and its representative governments.

    There are too many, however, that have become so dependent on what the government can do for them that they take a “not in my backyard” or in this case “no cuts to my social program” attitude toward public policy. Everyone has to learn to give a little, or it all will be taken away… by someone else.

    The Unions are a good example of this. Unions have and do perform good service to their members; however, their lack of willingness to compromise has led to desperate attempts by local governments to take back some amount of control. Had the Unions opened their eyes to the reality of the budget shortfalls and just worked with local governments, I do not believe we would necessarily be in the same legislative mess we are in now.

    Ahh, well. fodder for another podcast, or not…!


  3. The Walking Dead is cool. I’ve said it before, I’m not sure how long they can keep it going.

    43 minutes in and I think I’ve gotten 3 mentions. I’d like to have my very own tone similar to “ding”. Please work on this.

    A closent? Never heard that either. I think he made that up.

    Airplane? I LOVE Spaceballs and Young Frankenstein!! Awesome!

    Jeff seems just a little OBSESSED with Marathon Bars.

    Wow, I just left a voice mail and the voice mail biatch said, “goodbye” and hung up with no warning. I realize I talked a wee bit much but excuse me, I think she needs to be more polite. I’d like to see a manager.

    Dave doesn’t like me? I correct him? I didn’t know I had that power. Should I use my powers for good or evil? I have chosen evil.

  4. BTW…I totally get the Voltron thing…

    1. Jeremy and I were watching Voltron the other night and it was imperitive we start at the beginning and go in order.
    2. Love to watch old shows with the kids. They were enthralled with Thundercats. Kelli actually was Cheetara for Halloween last year.

    I am still catching up on these shows…good stuff to listen to at work.

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