Episode 12 – Chatter.

Episode 12 – Chatter.
Brian’s review of the Haunt Show.
The men of the 2 A.M. Podcast prove their respectability.
It’s the Voice of Garret !!
Kyle XY.
More pronounciation chatter.
Radiation, iodine, and magical iodized salt.
Offensive humor.
Predictions… Edgar Cayce and Jim Berkland.
Inappropriate photos – “Nice carrot.”
Listen t’us rap about JIBE.  We rap about JIBE and whut we do and do not dig it.
Zombie Attack!
Liz runs and Jeff games.  Scheduling conflicts abound! 
You can support Liz’s running for a good cause – Race for the Cure on April 16 in Indy.
90 Years!

16 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Chatter.”

  1. Good show again guys…Surely you cant be serious…I am serious and don’t call me Shirley! I love airplane and the Mel Brooks films especially “Blazing Saddles” and “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” Classics!!

    Did you guys hear about Cat Island off of Japan?? and how we are making sure the cats have food?? While people are not getting enough food themselves in Japan

    I have looked into Edgar Cayce’s stuff before and find it really interesting (I know shocker since I’m into the whole ancient aliens show) the one person I’m not really into is Nostradamus I think his stuff is way to vague. Another thing I’m looking into now is project camelot…For you conspiracy theorists 🙂

    Alright have a good day guys!!

    1. Are you talking about the Project Camelot of the sixties, or the newer Roswell/Dark Star conspiracy project discussions?

  2. Latex appliances? Sounds kinky! Also my mind wandered to a latex coffee maker, latex toaster, etc.

    You’re recommending a fart sound effect for me? Holy crap that was sooo funny. We (my other half Jim and I) were thinking a Bewitched nose twitch or some sort of Tinkerbell sound effect.

    I think you should stop interrupting me with side comments during my voicemail. Oh sure, don’t play my second voicemail when I get upset about getting cut off. Rude!

    Hygene-ist? Moron! Who cares if they have an alternate pronunciation? It’s just plain dumb. Thank you.

  3. I love San Francisco! No, not cause I’m gay. It’s an awesome, fun city.

    Someone only watched porn one time in their life at a fraternity party? Really? Sheesh.

    It’s porn music. Not that I don’t like it…

    Where’s the carrot photo? I received several errors when I tried to post another comment on the photo sub-page.

    I got another fart noise? Liz, help me! Oh, a woo! Love Liz!

    Here’s a subject: I was watch No Ordinary Family and a new mutant, which they call “Supers” had claws, agility and special smelling abilities similar to Wolverine. It made me think about some goofy super powers that would be useless. What if your super power was to change your hair color? Perhaps you could turn paper into aluminum foil? Every time a new super power sci-fi -ish show comes up, they obviously have to recycle super powers that have been done. Xmen, No Ordinary Family, Heroes, etc.

    Shark suit for Zombie attacks is genius. I think you should definitely record a Zombie attack PSA. Maybe during said apocalypse, you will become the all-wise and knowing Podcast Zombie Awareness Council or something.

  4. You can also have instances of slightly different spellings/pronunciations of the same words. For example, “homogeneous” and “homogenous.” Also, on facebook a few months back in some comments there was misunderstanding or misreading “commiserating” (which was meant) versus “commensurating” versus “consummating.”

    Shout-out to LOST with the circle of iodized salt for protection (was ash in the show) from the radiation (the smoke monster)!

    Some nuclear reactors actually use molten salt for coolant, so at some level dumping the salt in the reactors does happen!

    I hope that nuclear power won’t get too bad of a rap over what’s happening in Japan; it’s really quite safe as a rule…provided a plant isn’t built in an earthquake zone.

    About JIVE, I thought it was “my momma no raise no dummies, I duck her rap” meaning he learned to dodge being hit as a kid. Your translation makes more sense.

    I am not a Mormon, but the 4x covering my ears was entertaining.

  5. Ted,
    I think you may have hit on another topic, misunderstood words in song and shows.

    One of the classics was Manfred Mann’s rendition of Springsteen’s Blinded by the Light
    Springsteen mentioned that if he ever thought that mentioning feminine hygiene products would have produced a hit, he would have recorded the song that way himself.


  6. Hey guys, speaking of zombie movies- maybe you did not know there are a couple of indie zombie movies filming here locally over the next couple of months and into the summer. Although they have cast the lead roles, they will have some open crown scenes where they will need zombies and regular folks. Listen up to the DailyDose or check my blog and I will try to pin down times as they approach.


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