Episode 13 – Triskaidekaphobia (Well it was supposed to be)…

Episode 13 – Triskaidekaphobia (Well it was supposed to be)…
Inappropriate comments! (Sorry, Dad and Ted).
Sports superstitions.
What does the future look like?
Medicine- advancements already made and where will we be in the future?
Food and culture, food production. Dave uses a big word. (5 whole syllables).
High tech transportation
Liz is immature (And maybe a little dirty).
The next animal to become a domesticated pet will be…
Project Camelot. Or maybe Project Camelot.
Someone’s a whack job.
California… did the big one hit?
Don’t speed in Indiana. Or Tennessee. Or out of state.
317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478
Super listener Garret leaves a new voicemail!
Kids with peanut allergies and peanut allergies.

14 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Triskaidekaphobia (Well it was supposed to be)…”

  1. Sorry I forgot the exact quote… Here it is:

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    – Arthur C. Clarke,

  2. Superstitions… dumb but yet we all have 1 or 2. Sometimes even the simplest “knock on wood”.

    Uhhhhm can we not discuss surgery specifics like taking everything out and cleaning it? Ewwwwww.

    LOL @ The Ted / Wood / Mormon reference.

    The guinea pig rant was awesome!

    Don’t bleep Liz. She’s too awesome for bleep-age.

    Politics? Really? Ugh. You need to institute a non-political podcast rule. Maybe even a law.

    You thanked Spiderman for the “with great power comes great responsibility”. Spiderman did not say that. 😉

    Voice-mail leaver? That reminded me that as a kid, we’d call each other “flat-leaver” which was when your friend left you to hang out with another friend. LOL.

    …to be continued

    1. I think they meant Spiderman as in the general comic and not so much as giving credit to the character of Spiderman. Any good nerd knows it was Uncle Ben. However, some even say you can trace the roots of the phrase to Socrates… Booyah!

    2. “with great power comes great responsibility” is the driving force behind Spider-Man. He made a mistake and didn’t stop the thief when he could have and Uncle ben died due to his lack of responsibility. He does what he does because he can and has the ability to do it. Even when others give up, you’ll find Spider-Man going to extremes.

    1. I was just mad cuz Jeff ruined our plan. Since you’d complained about us talking over your voicemail the last time, our plan was to let the voicemail start playing and then have a totally random conversation and talk over the entire thing. But Jeff went against the plan! It would’ve been funny…

  3. Garret,
    Very nice v-mail. I like the intro music, now that seems to me to be the correct music for a Porn movie. It has a slower groove than ours, which is why I feel our intro music would not be defined as such. But as I said, I really wouldn’t know… A porn theme song for Rabbits, maybe.


  4. For another alternative energy source, I think that vertical axis wind turbines are interesting! You don’t need to stick them way up high to be useful. They can generate power, say, for interstate lights and be placed in the median or the big frame towers that support the power lines.
    If you don’t know, some varieties have much shorter, much thicker rotors in different shapes than their more commonplace cousins. Others basically have airfoils (airplane wings) mounted on struts that rotate around.
    Finally, many laughs for the meerkat picture!

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