Episode 14 – I Stream, You Stream, We all Stream for ustream

Episode 14 – I Stream, You Stream, We all Stream for ustream
We did a simulcast on ustream this week.  It was our first attempt and hope to continue doing it weekly when we can.
We have a small issue with starting the stream (It was my fault).
I finally get the audio right.
We talk superstitions.
Dave has a tight end…
Drama-stitions. (MacBeth).
Stanger, SweetEmotion, and Mormon join the chat.
Brian smells since 1985.
Scratching your car’s roof.
Teenage girls are weird (and they burp and fart, too).
Cross your fingers.
More salt talk.
Warning rant ahead about Fact or Faked on SyFy Channel.
The stream audience contributes.
Watch Fringe!!!
IM at work.

12 thoughts on “Episode 14 – I Stream, You Stream, We all Stream for ustream”

  1. “We did a simulcast on ustream this week. It was our first attempt and hope to continue dong it weekly when we can.” Dong? Don’t let Ted hear you say that.

    I love Drakar although I don’t own any. I also loved Eternity. Mmmmmm.

    Let’s create our own superstitions. A superstition writer of sorts. Naturally, these will be for the youths of tomorrow. Let’s make up lotsa wacky stuff.

    1. I’m always a fan of the “send money to me so you can avoid bad things happening to you.”

      Oh wait… the evangelical crazy preachers on tv have that one covered… hmmm…

  2. Thanks for the Fact or Faked heads up. I hate when they play games like that to create a show. That’s just WRONG!

    SyFy name change so they can show other stuff? That never stopped MTV. LOL. Remember when MTV showed music videos?

    1. In high school, Ted got teased and called “Amish” because our parents held tight to some of their old fashioned values. No cable was the big one. They limited what could be watched. No video game system for a while. Our youngest brother, Daniel, doesn’t realize how good he has it with a DVD player and he’s allowed to watch TV pretty much any time and I think there might even be more than one game system now? Pretty sure Daniel got his own car earlier than Ted or I did, too. I didn’t have a car to call my own until I was in my last year or 2 of college and needed transportation for internships. Ted has a car that my dad used to drive. And Daniel, still in high school, has had a car at his disposal for his senior year.

      Wow… I kinda went off on a tangent there…

      Topic idea- siblings, birth order, etc.

  3. Caught a show last night- not all of it- on Doomsday 2012. I’m not looking forward to 2012 because this stuff is going to be in our faces SO MUCH. But they were talking to companies and individuals buying into those doomsday, underground, sustainable bunkers. Some are private homes for 1 or 2 families. Some are towns- bigger than Walnut Grove. http://money.cnn.com/2011/03/22/real_estate/doomsday_bunkers/index.htm

    Might be a topic to dicuss…

    Also watched an interesting show on faith healing in America.

    1. OK, I went to the site and watched the video. They’re gonna keep the location a secret? I understand the reason but doubt that they’ll be able to considering all the workers and such, even county permits and what nots. If it can sustain life for a year, are they stocking it with food and water in advance? Wow, interesting podcast topic for sure.

      I like the idea of the lookout tower so you can see the Zombies who are hungry for your brains.

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