Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…

Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…
The Rapture- Did you survive?
What about those who truly believed?  How do they handle the disappointment?
Give us your punchlines!  Call in and share your fave punchline- no jokes, no set up, just the punchline!
 True Dungeon: The Documentary?
 Who should be responsible for your happiness at work?
 Wheeee!!  Waterparks!!
 Was it enough? Will Jeff shave down the bushy beard to a fit and trim goatee?
 Where did The 2 AM Podcast come from, anyway??

Episode 20 – Does your zipper lock?

Episode 20 – Does your zipper lock?
Dave’s EVP.
Movie remakes.  Liz wants to know why they don’t remake chick flicks?
The Terminator 5 with Schwarzenegger, really???  The Octogenarianator? (OK, he’s only 63, but come on).  Liz is all right with another Terminator movie as long as there are more naked hot guys.  She likes a good butt.  That’s why she married Jeff (supposedly).
Ender’s Game
Diablo 3, will we ever see it released?
If you saw Priest, let us know how it was.
EmbarASSing Mini-marathon and book store hair story.
The rapture begins this Saturday at 6:00pm.  Have fun.

Episode 19 – Happy Mother’s Day

Episode 19 – Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother of our Podcast (and the official third member of the crew)- Liz!
Liz ran her first ever half marathon.  13.1 miles!  See Liz’s FitCity post
Jeff and Dave went to see Thor.
Go to your phone, go to your phone, go to your phone!
Prayer.  Yup- we’re talking religion.
Dave- send Jeff the EVP.  Oh wait…
After Prom to Alien spacecraft.  Seriously.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Indiana Ghost Trackers
If you can, watch Game of Thrones (HBO).  We’re going to discuss next week!
Prep for next week, peeps!  Embarrassing stuff- do you want to be told? Do you tell?

Please send us a voicemail at 317-348-1478

Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!

Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!
Screw Brian!
Nebraska – Who knew it was so cool?
Liz’s Reuben story
Hello? Wrong numbers!
We’ve all watched some Game of Thrones. Dave and Jeff like the story and that it stays fairly true to the books. Liz thinks Ireland is pretty.
It’s black, it’s white… or is it grey? A discussion on honesty, parenting, challenges.
Who’s invited to your bunker?
Were you lost watching Lost?
Michael Biehn? Nope! Our bad- it’s Sean Bean as Eddard.
Plot twists- planned ahead or totally made up?
More discussion about zombies. As if they were real.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Dave’s really trying to figure out this zombie thing.
Felicia Day as a horny fairy? All the boy nerds say boo-yah to Legend of Neil!
The Guild prepares for Season 5… and attending a gaming Con!