Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!

Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!
Screw Brian!
Nebraska – Who knew it was so cool?
Liz’s Reuben story
Hello? Wrong numbers!
We’ve all watched some Game of Thrones. Dave and Jeff like the story and that it stays fairly true to the books. Liz thinks Ireland is pretty.
It’s black, it’s white… or is it grey? A discussion on honesty, parenting, challenges.
Who’s invited to your bunker?
Were you lost watching Lost?
Michael Biehn? Nope! Our bad- it’s Sean Bean as Eddard.
Plot twists- planned ahead or totally made up?
More discussion about zombies. As if they were real.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Dave’s really trying to figure out this zombie thing.
Felicia Day as a horny fairy? All the boy nerds say boo-yah to Legend of Neil!
The Guild prepares for Season 5… and attending a gaming Con!

9 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!”

    1. I just happened to notice as I was listening. I missed it the first time through.

      Also, the daughter’s name is Sansa, I said Sensa and the boy is Bran not Brand. Darn fantasy novels and names…

  1. I can’t speak for the minor plotlines, but I read in the official LOST encyclopedia that the main storylines were kept in the minds of the head writers and not on paper.

    Dylan Dog sounds kind of like a cross between Batman and Hellboy in Louisiana.

  2. Liz, we can thank Brian for my BM moniker and I’m certain he meant Big Mike when he first came up with it.

    Loved the bunker discussion! Yes! I’d definitely link up our bunkers with a cool underground rail system.

    1. Apparently that is my alter ego slipping through, I would not have believed I said it either, but I did… hmmm. I must be feeling guilty for something.

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