Episode 19 – Happy Mother’s Day

Episode 19 – Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother of our Podcast (and the official third member of the crew)- Liz!
Liz ran her first ever half marathon.  13.1 miles!  See Liz’s FitCity post
Jeff and Dave went to see Thor.
Go to your phone, go to your phone, go to your phone!
Prayer.  Yup- we’re talking religion.
Dave- send Jeff the EVP.  Oh wait…
After Prom to Alien spacecraft.  Seriously.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Indiana Ghost Trackers
If you can, watch Game of Thrones (HBO).  We’re going to discuss next week!
Prep for next week, peeps!  Embarrassing stuff- do you want to be told? Do you tell?

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5 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. It worked! I’m sending an email now, lol. Paying for protection from God: wouldn’t that be extortion?

  2. I’m so confused as to when the world ends. Can’t we all vote or something?

    I went to the phone, I went to the phone, I went to the phone. I forgot what I was doing.

    I sacrificed a rabbit for you. That was frickin’ hilarious!

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