Episode 20 – Does your zipper lock?

Episode 20 – Does your zipper lock?
Dave’s EVP.
Movie remakes.  Liz wants to know why they don’t remake chick flicks?
The Terminator 5 with Schwarzenegger, really???  The Octogenarianator? (OK, he’s only 63, but come on).  Liz is all right with another Terminator movie as long as there are more naked hot guys.  She likes a good butt.  That’s why she married Jeff (supposedly).
Ender’s Game
Diablo 3, will we ever see it released?
If you saw Priest, let us know how it was.
EmbarASSing Mini-marathon and book store hair story.
The rapture begins this Saturday at 6:00pm.  Have fun.

9 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Does your zipper lock?”

  1. I didn’t hear anything in the EVP other than the scream.

    The mini-marathon embarrassment was funny! You should have taken photos!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, how do you tell someone they got a booger up their nose? Years ago, me and a friend used to say “BC” (booger check) to one another to make sure we looked OK.

    1. I’ve done teeth checks with Jeff and Christy- just making sure there aren’t seeds, spinach, etc.

      Guess I need to start doing butt cheek checks before running…

  2. –I did hear the EVP after I was told to listen for something being said…I heard the scream and the “Get the heck out of…”
    –They don’t remake chick flicks b/c we are all too willing to go back and watch them again and again 🙂
    –I love when chick flicks do a “makeover” for the main character…
    –Transitions to Dave were excellent 🙂
    –Not all pants zippers lock 🙂
    –I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have said anything…btw did you see the girl with the poster after the cheerleaders in the black tights under the bikinis that said “do it for the girls who got picked last in gym class…” (got me choked up)
    –I am scarred for life Liz…just look away…take your “running partner’s” advice and Run Forrest Run! 🙂

  3. I couldn’t hear the EVP until I was told what I should hear. You have to be careful about this sort of stuff because the brain can perceive things that aren’t there. Here’s a great example:


    First listen to the reverse track and try to hear words. Then show the “reverse lyrics” and read them while listening to the reverse track. The effect is overwhelming.


  4. On this week’s episode, we have a special guest- Jessica. She’s the one who captured that EVP. She also listens to the ‘cast and said the quality of what came through was very quiet and hard to hear.

    I’ve never heard an EVP except for cheesy stuff on TV and I can tell you that when Jeff first played the file from Dave, I heard it clear as a bell without anyone telling me what to listen for.

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