Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…

Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…
The Rapture- Did you survive?
What about those who truly believed?  How do they handle the disappointment?
Give us your punchlines!  Call in and share your fave punchline- no jokes, no set up, just the punchline!
 True Dungeon: The Documentary?
 Who should be responsible for your happiness at work?
 Wheeee!!  Waterparks!!
 Was it enough? Will Jeff shave down the bushy beard to a fit and trim goatee?
 Where did The 2 AM Podcast come from, anyway??

7 thoughts on “Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…”

  1. Rapture: I had a friend who recommended we buy some old clothes and spread them out in piles around town. How funny is that?

    Yay… my voicemail! Life is good.

    Speaking of not hearing frequencies. Does anyone remember some ring tone that teenagers could hear but most adults couldn’t? About 4 years ago, I downloaded it and played it on my phone. My young (low 20’s) employees could hear it and I couldn’t. I’d even play the tone when they weren’t looking and they’d yell at me for doing it. It’s an annoying sound I guess but what would I know? I can’t hear it.

    Yes, it’s “camel-toe”!

    I think “guest stars” on your show would be awesome!

    1. Did you see or post one of the “crap”ture pics on Facebook that went around? Clothes set out on a toilet to look like that person was raptured mid-tinkle or poo. It was funny.

      I’ve had someone play that frequency and I can’t hear it. I haven’t tried it around teenagers, though. Might have to do that!

      I think that getting Jessica on the show would be really interesting. She’s a fascinating woman with a lot of unique interests that I like to hear about!

      1. Keep us posted on the high pitched thingy.

        Guest stars! Fly me in, put me up in a hotel and I’ll guest star on the show. I must have all my M&M’s color separated in my dressing room. I’m not racist.

        I did not see the crap-ture pic. Sounds funny though.

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