Episode 23 – Is it as long as it seems?

Episode 23 – Is it as long as it seems?
What is unconventional?
Are donations OK or do they lead to the dark side?
Should movies and TV shows be faithful to the source material?
…And lazy show notes after vacation.

2 thoughts on “Episode 23 – Is it as long as it seems?”

  1. A cough button? What the ?

    Your Podcast quality is awesome. Crystal clear!

    I didn’t know a locomotive was only the first car. What are you people trying to say?

    The sandal toe counting comment made me LOL, especially with the 22 counting addition.

    The roof is on fire chant was fabulous too! This second half of the podcast totally made me laugh and smile.

    My solution to movies/TV not matching up to books/comics? DON’T READ! I’m so glad I could assist.

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