Episode 24 – Weiner sticks it out…

Episode 24 – Weiner sticks it out…
Meanest Parents EVAH!
Summertime getaway
Driver’s ed… ah, the memories…
Liz and Jeff go to Louisville
Oops! Wrong lyrics!
The Zoo… Oh, the zoo…
Trees and Thrones
Can RPG’s go God?
Jeff wanted Weiner (thanks Liz, for the show notes)
Possible topics for next week: Green Lantern, reality shows, are men pigs?

8 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Weiner sticks it out…”

  1. You should post that Teagan/shots video. It was sooooo awesome! I love you guys!

    Pronunciations: I spent Tuesday listening to my instructor constantly say “li-berry”.

    Songs: Do songs remind you of certain people, or an event? Brandy (She’s a Fine Girl) reminds me of my grandfather. I think it’s because I heard it while visiting him? There’s many other songs that remind me of others. Perhaps a topic of discussion for another time?

    Driving: Growing up in NY, only my Dad drove. My Mom didn’t even have a license. My dad went to FL for a job. Before moving to FL to join him, when I was 18 and she was late 30’s I had to teach her how to drive!

    The zoo visit story makes me sad.

    1. The link to the shots video is posted/linked- see “EVAH”

      Liberry is one of my nails-on-a-chalkboard words. I hate that almost as much as “warsh” the dishes.

      I’ve definitely got songs that remind me of certain people. Interesting topic idea!

      Funny that you taught your mom to drive!!

      You are now officially cool.

  2. LOL Liz. I only got 30 minutes into the podcast and decided to submit my comment. It’s kind of my safe guard since I lost an entire comment previously.

    I did not call about X-Men because my house AT&T reception sucks and I won’t know if it comes through all garbled. Maybe I’ll remember to call on my way to work! I’ve now officially added 2am Podcast to my phone directory! How much COOLER am I?

    Christian games and Christian music… Dave is NOT being overly critical enough. LOL. My mind wanders to dumb themes and rules like you have to carry 2 crosses. Or armed with Frankincense you blah blah blah. LOL.

    Parallel conversations where you argue stuff you already agree on? Oh my gawd that is so funny because it’s happened to me too!
    Next weeks topic? Ya know, I like the idea that you post what you’ll be discussing which gives the listeners the ability to be in the “current” conversation. Fun! >>>>

    I want to see Green Lantern! Looks awesome, great special effects. I only hope that like so many movies that they haven’t just shown the only good parts the movie has. I hate when it felt like I could have watched the trailer and gotten as much satisfaction out of seeing the entire movie.

    Reality shows: I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. I think I’ve mentioned that before. Also like America’s Got Talent and HGTV Design Star. I like a lot of the HGTV shows like House Hunters and such. I guess those are kind of like reality shows.

    That’s all I got, I sure left a lot of comments!

  3. By the way, Liz mentioned last weeks podcast didn’t get many comments. Honestly? It was boring. I like Jessica and I like the guest star thing however the podcast is best not focusing on any one topic for too long. With any guest, maybe not have them like a guest on Oprah or Ellen where it focuses on their interests or experiences. Just like you guys don’t constantly talk about your jobs and hobbies. TV talk, funny stuff, love it. I’m not real sure if I said all of the right. LOL.

  4. As far as not being critical enough, well I won’t argue that ;o)

    I did look and find a few references to Christial based RPGs, I have no ideas if these are any good, but here are links in case anyone really wants to check them out:

    Holy Lands RPG

    The Minstral’s Song RPG

    The Way RPG

    I did stumble across a link to the Christian Gamers’ Guild, the person who blogs in the chaplain’s page makes some pretty well thought out comments, like the one about why we do not need Christian based RPGs

    His other articles can be found here if you are interested.

    I am not advocating any of these, but if anyone is interested, feel free to exercise your rights…


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