Episode 25 – Do 2 kids equal 1 Dave?

Episode 25 – Do 2 kids equal 1 Dave?
Special guest kids.
Talk and Answer time.
Lets talk about the Green Lantern movie (or comics). Apparently Jeff and Dave are in the minority.
More kids.
What’s coming up in movies?
Voice mail.
Hello Holly.
Vegan or vegetarian, Liz talks about food options.
Jeff and a beret?  He says no way.

3 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Do 2 kids equal 1 Dave?”

  1. The kids were cute! Well, I guess they still are cute.

    I’m excited to see Green Lantern!

    Spoiler alert: By the way, Wolverine appeared briefly and in a funny way in the new XMen movie. Spoiler: http://youtu.be/a-3qnR3n-fc

    Yes, I love the Force PS3 games. I just blogged about playing that a month or 2 ago. I love throwing people, lightning powers etc. Speaking of superhero-ish super power games… Infamous on PS3 is awesome. Lightning powers galore. I’ve played the Infamous 2 trailer/demo game and want it but have to wait for it to get cheaper.

  2. The kids can be cute, but sometimes… to the moon kiddos…

    I heard Wolverine made a cameo. I see most reviews of Green Lantern are not very possitive, but I’m looking at it as a comic book movie. And on that note, I think its ok, not Oscar caliber, but fun to see.

    I suck at most console games, so I prefer turm based games like Civilization and such.

  3. From listening to the podcast, it sounds like Tegan is shaping up to be a decent podcast interviewer (at least with Zach). And I do not think we were misleading in our recommendation for GL. We indicated that those who were not comic book fans could easily wait until it was out on disk to watch, so…

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