Episode 29 – What did we talk about again?

Episode 29 – What did we talk about again?
How schools have changed.
Guns. Guns. And…. Some more guns.
Gym class: Fit City link and another link
Handwriting, my how it changes! What’s in a name?
Are you breaking up with Netflix?
What did we talk about again?
Magical movies that take you away!

Future topics:
School lunches
Toddlers & Tiaras
Broad Ripple nightlife
Movies: Harry Potter reviews?  Captain America!
TV:  Falling Skies, Outcasts (BBC), John Carter (book series) by Edgar Rice Burroughs (written in 1912)

Episode 28 – Would You Pee On Me?

Episode 28 – Would You Pee On Me?
Special guests!
Forget the Smoking Gun- check out the Smoking Toddler.
Indiana Ted?
Transformers 3 – special guest review.
Hard or Soft?  And whose fault is it?
Rings. Precioussssss?
The guys talk sci fi books and Liz takes a nap.
HR Puffinstuf, Hello Kitty, Yo Gabba Gabba. Wrap your mind around that one!
Eat Your Lionfish!