Episode 27 – Do Married People Have Conversations?

Episode 27 – Do Married People Have Conversations?
What’s different?
Auto-Tune the News
Movies for kids.  G vs. PG.  Who decides?
Married conversations.
Getting hooked on “Social” events.
There is a second part (with spoilers) to this ep…

2 thoughts on “Episode 27 – Do Married People Have Conversations?”

  1. Interesting conversation on the Anthony trial. I think in this case, the Jury did the right thing, (regardless of what seemed obvious) and the failure here was squarely on the shoulders of the prosecution. They should have realized they did not have enough evidence to go for a formal murder charge and instead focused on the negligence and strait homicide charges. They would, in my opinion, have had better luck convincing a jury of complete incompetence on the mother’s part causing the accidental death of her child, rather than taking on the burden of proving pre-meditation.

    Again, just my opinion, but I get the impression she was using things like chloroform to knock her child out for several hours to go party, rather than hire or arrange for someone to look after her. I speculate it got out of hand and the child died. Rather than admit the truth, she began her period of lies and denial to the point that she convinced (at least partially) herself that the new story was reality.

    I sincerely wish the courts had the ability to enforce psychiatric care in this case, this woman is (at least from my observations) clearly psychologically impaired. The disturbing thing is that not even the death of a child is enough to bring her into supervised care.

    Truly maddening…

  2. One of the reasons my wife and I believe we spend less time talking to each other is because our children seem to have a sixth sense about meaningful conversations. Whenever we start one, one of them seems to come running up with some absolutely earth shattering question or comment that they must interject with, totally derailing the conversation to the point we often just give up.

    We have resorted to locking ourselves in the bathroom just to keep the kids out of even mundane conversations, so that the thought can be finished…

    The joys of parenting.

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