2 thoughts on “Episode 32 – State Fair Tragedy”

  1. Miss me?

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    News: The news caters to people who might be just tuning in. It’s the same info over and over and over. It would be awesome if there was a news on demand channel or something so you can get all info once. TV shows do the repetitive info too. Here’s a typical TV show:

    Last week on X. On tonight’s episode you’ll see X. The show starts. Coming up you’ll see X. Commerical. A reminder of what happened so far in case you’ve just tuned in. More TV show.

    I hate that.

    1. I hate that, too. Especially on TV shows that don’t require much brain effort anyway- like reality shows- and it’s an obvious attempt at just taking up time.

      And yes- I missed you!

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