Episode 35 – G’Day Mim

Episode 35 – G’Day Mim
Stay-cation – Indianapolis Indians, Courtyard by Marriott, and Champions Sports-bar.
Rude people (again) – Nudity and pool etiquette.  Food snobbery.
Food service tipping.
International Bacon Day.
Incontinent Europe.
Hello Fogo – we’d love to review you, hint hint…
Captain Jim’s Hot Sauce.
Storms in Michigan?  Not like Indy’s.
DC Universe reboot? Flashpoint.
Books without pictures?  Who knew?
Netflix takes a hit from Stars.
Where should Dave stick his dish?
Geosynchronous, Geocentric, Heliocentric?  Big words.
Satellite Orbital height.
Australian accents R us.

3 thoughts on “Episode 35 – G’Day Mim”

  1. The service industry is crazy. There’s way too many people that expect compensation for their comment, inconvenience or other.

    Forgetting to bring the ketchup… that drives me nuts. You see when we order our meals, we say “with mayo” or “extra butter” or something of that nature and when the food comes, the request wasn’t met. We have to ask and wait which holds up eating the food the way that you want. I hate that.

    It’s not waiters and waitresses… it’s “servers” dude… It’s not stewardesses, it’s flight attendants.

    Eating so much that you sweat actually sounds disgusting.

  2. What I sometimes find with the “side of ranch” or “extra butter” is that my server entered it on the ticket but the food runner doesn’t get it. Broken systems sometimes. Very frustrating.

  3. The meat-on-a-stick discussion has me intrigued! I was LOL’ing (unlike Dave I do LOL) at Brian’s strong desire for meat (on-a-stick).

    btw, it was good to hear BK again on the show. ‘ello Bruce!

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