Episode 37 – Bour-Boob-n or Please check me out…

Episode 37 – Bour-Boob-n or Please check me out…
Jeff’s got the funk…
Are you a man who wants to be a woman? Drink bourbon!
Japanese girl delighted by a bottle.
Trash Island.
Liz wants to ride her bicycle!
The 10 Commandments.
De Plane, De Plane! (Thanks Ted)
Tragedy in Noblesville.
Cycling rudie dudies.
Grocery store rudeness.
Dave’s rant – it’s gettin’ political!
Michelle Bachman – We all agree that she is CRAZY!
If you’re going to have an opinion, please have some education to back it up!
How Dave & Jeff would change the movie industry.
Liz thinks a 1 hour podcast should be 1 hour.  Jeff and Dave seem to to be striving for an all night talk-a-thon.  What do YOU want, listeners?