Episode 39 – A Spider bot to Rule them all.

Episode 39 – A Spider bot to Rule them all.
A Trip to the Zoo.
Do dolphins talk underwater?
Liz doesn’t understand time travel, duh.  Do Dave and Jeff?
Time Travel: Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Terra Nova, Saga of Pliocene Exile.
Dave and the blessing of the animals.
The Pope is of Slytherin.  So says Margaret Cho.
Spider bots + geek TMZ.
Half Past Human (Site not endorsed by us – we judge it to be a rip off).
Terra Nova.  Liz is a fan.
New Fall TV: Ringer, New Girl, Pan Am, Up All Night, Suburgatory, Secret Circle.
And a final dose of Doom and Gloom.  Hey its what we do…