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    1. I am looking forward to Thor, I still need to sit down and watch Game of Thrones, I think it will be a discussion topic for the next episode, however.

  1. Prayer is asking a higher being for whatever our or another person’s needs may be. As a Christian, prayers not directed to my God will go unanswered. I do aprreciate the concern of others, who believe differently. If they want to pray for me, then I am good with them doing so. It’s a guesture of their love for me.

  2. Tithing is a personal thing between God and you. Some people do not tithe and I can understand. They are concerned about paying bills and having some left over for whatever. Some do not have the funds and some just do not want to part with any of their money I used to be one of those people. I believe that some think the other person will do it. I believe that some do not understand that money is needed to operate and keep the doors open. Charlie, my wife, and I decided that we would tithe. It has been a real blessing for us.

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