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Episode 17 – The Music of our Lives

Episode 17 – The Music of our Lives
Liz’s takeover plan.  She claims her stake.
Dave needs therapy.
Dance Fever…
Why is the CD the size it is? Stacks of wax or digital, how do you dig your groove?
Mac vs. PC.
4 Chords to rule them all… (Axis of Awesome – NSFW).
What happened to rap?
Miniture tech adds to camping safety.
A Game of Thrones.
Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye.
Jeff & Liz don’t do war movies.
The Hunger Games.
David Gerrold.
Normandy and Omaha Beach.

Episode 16 – Fugly Armpits…

Episode 16 – Fugly Armpits…
Less game chatter.
House rules for games.
Scout camping with Dave (green and black stripes mean walking dead).
When tornadoes attack…
Poorly placed billboard or placed on purpose…
Fugly armpits, come on Dove.
Ted and the goat.
Do younger siblings get away with more?
Parents make mistakes, really they do.
Big Brother.
Getting back to zombies…
What’s your name again?
Please leave a voicemail!!!  317-348-1478
Card games.