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Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show

Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show
Say What?? MUSIC!
RIAA and expensive music.
Memorabilia.  Got a Subway token?
Jeff’s our hero.
Dave wants to be taxed.  
Uh oh… Politics!  Politicians flee states, definitions of marriage, electoral college, (Zach has loud markers).
Hot topic: Texting and driving.
Rally against nose pickers!
Brian’s got a girlfriend!  And she’s a fiiiiine lady.
Dave and Liz recommend:   “Free Range Kids” and “Protecting the Gift”   As usual, we’re tired of fear driven stuff!
Dave teaches a history lesson on Frank Buckles.
Liz gets lost.  Perhaps she vanished into an alternate realty (Tales of Alvin Maker) like those written by Harry Turtledove.
Brian’s adventure: Chocola and the Rock-Cola 50’s Café .
What’s healthy eating, anyway?  A shout out to listener Jennifer!
Speech patterns, inflections, accents, and more!
Medication follow up.  And the wonders and dangers of alcohol and Tylenol.
Charlie Sheen! Charlie Sheen! Charlie Sheen! (and Muammar-Gaddafi).
Steve Martin- May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?
Happy birthday, Brian!
Vegetables… spinach, scallions, beets.  Yum!