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Episode 59 – Dave goes all the way…

Episode 59 – Dave goes all the way…

Face to face listener feedback.
We joined the YMCA, its fun to stay… Oh, never mind.
Tornadoes in the midwest.
If Dave starts, he wants to go all the way…
Sons of Guns and first responders.
Was there a spoiler released for the Walking Dead?
George Takei.
When dogs go bad…
Star Trek and Netflix.

Episode 35 – G’Day Mim

Episode 35 – G’Day Mim
Stay-cation – Indianapolis Indians, Courtyard by Marriott, and Champions Sports-bar.
Rude people (again) – Nudity and pool etiquette.  Food snobbery.
Food service tipping.
International Bacon Day.
Incontinent Europe.
Hello Fogo – we’d love to review you, hint hint…
Captain Jim’s Hot Sauce.
Storms in Michigan?  Not like Indy’s.
DC Universe reboot? Flashpoint.
Books without pictures?  Who knew?
Netflix takes a hit from Stars.
Where should Dave stick his dish?
Geosynchronous, Geocentric, Heliocentric?  Big words.
Satellite Orbital height.
Australian accents R us.

Episode 29 – What did we talk about again?

Episode 29 – What did we talk about again?
How schools have changed.
Guns. Guns. And…. Some more guns.
Gym class: Fit City link and another link
Handwriting, my how it changes! What’s in a name?
Are you breaking up with Netflix?
What did we talk about again?
Magical movies that take you away!

Future topics:
School lunches
Toddlers & Tiaras
Broad Ripple nightlife
Movies: Harry Potter reviews?  Captain America!
TV:  Falling Skies, Outcasts (BBC), John Carter (book series) by Edgar Rice Burroughs (written in 1912)