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Episode 14 – I Stream, You Stream, We all Stream for ustream

Episode 14 – I Stream, You Stream, We all Stream for ustream
We did a simulcast on ustream this week.  It was our first attempt and hope to continue doing it weekly when we can.
We have a small issue with starting the stream (It was my fault).
I finally get the audio right.
We talk superstitions.
Dave has a tight end…
Drama-stitions. (MacBeth).
Stanger, SweetEmotion, and Mormon join the chat.
Brian smells since 1985.
Scratching your car’s roof.
Teenage girls are weird (and they burp and fart, too).
Cross your fingers.
More salt talk.
Warning rant ahead about Fact or Faked on SyFy Channel.
The stream audience contributes.
Watch Fringe!!!
IM at work.

Episode 13 – Triskaidekaphobia (Well it was supposed to be)…

Episode 13 – Triskaidekaphobia (Well it was supposed to be)…
Inappropriate comments! (Sorry, Dad and Ted).
Sports superstitions.
What does the future look like?
Medicine- advancements already made and where will we be in the future?
Food and culture, food production. Dave uses a big word. (5 whole syllables).
High tech transportation
Liz is immature (And maybe a little dirty).
The next animal to become a domesticated pet will be…
Project Camelot. Or maybe Project Camelot.
Someone’s a whack job.
California… did the big one hit?
Don’t speed in Indiana. Or Tennessee. Or out of state.
317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478 317-348-1478
Super listener Garret leaves a new voicemail!
Kids with peanut allergies and peanut allergies.

Episode 11 – The Zombie Show

Episode 11 – The Zombie Show
Liz is filling in for Brian- in more ways than one?
A trip to the TransWorld Haunt Show .
Touching naked, painted women.
Dave gets lost.
A lack of reporting?
Nicknames- Briney Browens, Hot Liz, Spooky Jessica, Uncle Teagan, Uncle Dad, Small Dog, Canus Minimus.
Would you people just leave e-mails and voicemails already?
AMC’s The Walking Dead .
More on the End of the World!!  The Rapture…
Do you speak jive?
Astronaut ice cream.
Who’s line is it, anyway?  (Nope, not the TV show).
Buck Rogers.
Liz ruins Voltron.
Droppin’ names… our podcast followers!
Arrogance, confidence, and doctors, A brief mention on vaccines, You have a voice- use it!
Future topics: confidence vs arrogance, what will our future be…

Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show

Episode 10 – The Dave and Liz Show
Say What?? MUSIC!
RIAA and expensive music.
Memorabilia.  Got a Subway token?
Jeff’s our hero.
Dave wants to be taxed.  
Uh oh… Politics!  Politicians flee states, definitions of marriage, electoral college, (Zach has loud markers).
Hot topic: Texting and driving.
Rally against nose pickers!
Brian’s got a girlfriend!  And she’s a fiiiiine lady.
Dave and Liz recommend:   “Free Range Kids” and “Protecting the Gift”   As usual, we’re tired of fear driven stuff!
Dave teaches a history lesson on Frank Buckles.
Liz gets lost.  Perhaps she vanished into an alternate realty (Tales of Alvin Maker) like those written by Harry Turtledove.
Brian’s adventure: Chocola and the Rock-Cola 50’s Café .
What’s healthy eating, anyway?  A shout out to listener Jennifer!
Speech patterns, inflections, accents, and more!
Medication follow up.  And the wonders and dangers of alcohol and Tylenol.
Charlie Sheen! Charlie Sheen! Charlie Sheen! (and Muammar-Gaddafi).
Steve Martin- May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?
Happy birthday, Brian!
Vegetables… spinach, scallions, beets.  Yum!

Episode 9 – 9 times? 9 times.

Episode 9 – 9 times? 9 times.
How I Met Your Mother.
When Jeff was a Playrrr (of games).
Playin’… games.
Giant Death Robot!
Marilyn Monroe… addiction… Growing up.
Abraham Lincoln.
Who has the biggest stick?
I want my, I want my, I want my MTV.
Outdoor kids, kids on roofs.
When cartoons were good.
1000 Dollar Bill and Brian’s crazy old grandpa.
Medication, kids, homeopathy, dosages.
A special visit from a very special (and cute) guest.
A brief mention of The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcast.

Episode 1

Well, it has started… Episode 1 of the 2AM podcast.

We have a blown intro and I call the podcast the wrong name.
Tron: Legacy discussion.
My daughter interrupts.
Arcade and Game store discussion.
and much much more…