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Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…

Episode 21 – Hey!!! We’re still here…
The Rapture- Did you survive?
What about those who truly believed?  How do they handle the disappointment?
Give us your punchlines!  Call in and share your fave punchline- no jokes, no set up, just the punchline!
 True Dungeon: The Documentary?
 Who should be responsible for your happiness at work?
 Wheeee!!  Waterparks!!
 Was it enough? Will Jeff shave down the bushy beard to a fit and trim goatee?
 Where did The 2 AM Podcast come from, anyway??

Episode 15 – Would you like to play a game?

Episode 15 – Would you like to play a game?
JefCon recap and games played.
a)      A Touch of Evil
b)      Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead
c)      Munchkin
d)      Wings of War
e)      D&D homebrew game by Buk. D&D official site
f)       D&D minis
g)      puzzle playtest True Dungeon
h)      Regent – A game by Jeff Martin.
Family trips in the car – now versus yesterday.
Walker’s Bluff
Movie and TV Updates
a)      A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin or HBO
b)      Legend of the Seeker
c)      Your Highness
d)      Hannah
e)      Arthur (Russell Brand is the name we couldn’t remember)
f)       Thor, Priest, Pirates of the Carribean 4, X-Men First Class, Super 8, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Captain America, and Cowboya and Aliens.  And finally Apollo 18 and Smurfs.
Movie Remakes
a)      Fright Night
b)      Footloose
c)      Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Conquest remake?)
d)      Creature from the Black Lagoon
e)      Dark Crystal sequel
f)       Dark Shadows???
g)      District 10, a sequel to District 9
h)      Red Dawn
i)       National Treasure sequel (another one)
j)       Mission Impossible sequel (yet again, argh…)
k)      Another Wolverine movie…
Ahh! Zombies!! – watch it.