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Episode 44 – Fosters (Australian for Bee-uh)

Episode 44 – Fosters (Australian for Bee-uh)

Can this help dyslexics read?
The stigma of labels.
Wood eye, wood eye!  Hair lip, Hair lip!
New elements.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an ASTEROID!
email! voicemail! facebook page!
And runnin’ runnin’ and runnin’ runnin’.
Occupy the podcast!
Petition the White House.
Health insurance.
TV wrap up- Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time.
We’re trying to insult the Aussies!

Episode 41 – This one will make you cry…

Episode 41 – This one will make you cry…

Is it the end of the world as we know it?
Traffic. It sucks.
The Walking Dead
Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror. Where’s the line?
Steve Jobs died. Was he the Peyton Manning of Apple?
A loss in Racing – Dan Wheldon.
What was your first cry movie?
Netflix got smart. Maybe.
Let’s go to the drive-in!
How do zombies survive?
Happy Anniversary to Liz & Jeff.
More crying stuff.
Last words – http://www.corsinet.com/braincandy/dying.html

Episode 40 – Ted and the Zombies

Episode 40 – Ted and the Zombies

Late arrivals and bad technology.
Junior High kids.
Singing in Morse Code.
Everyone Poops (pic)
More Rockets.
We make Dave laugh (even though it should be impossible).
Dave buys his son a sword.
Doing good things.
TV Talk.

Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!

Episode 18 – Knights and Fairies and Zombies…Oh My!!!
Screw Brian!
Nebraska – Who knew it was so cool?
Liz’s Reuben story
Hello? Wrong numbers!
We’ve all watched some Game of Thrones. Dave and Jeff like the story and that it stays fairly true to the books. Liz thinks Ireland is pretty.
It’s black, it’s white… or is it grey? A discussion on honesty, parenting, challenges.
Who’s invited to your bunker?
Were you lost watching Lost?
Michael Biehn? Nope! Our bad- it’s Sean Bean as Eddard.
Plot twists- planned ahead or totally made up?
More discussion about zombies. As if they were real.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Dave’s really trying to figure out this zombie thing.
Felicia Day as a horny fairy? All the boy nerds say boo-yah to Legend of Neil!
The Guild prepares for Season 5… and attending a gaming Con!

Episode 16 – Fugly Armpits…

Episode 16 – Fugly Armpits…
Less game chatter.
House rules for games.
Scout camping with Dave (green and black stripes mean walking dead).
When tornadoes attack…
Poorly placed billboard or placed on purpose…
Fugly armpits, come on Dove.
Ted and the goat.
Do younger siblings get away with more?
Parents make mistakes, really they do.
Big Brother.
Getting back to zombies…
What’s your name again?
Please leave a voicemail!!!  317-348-1478
Card games.

Episode 15 – Would you like to play a game?

Episode 15 – Would you like to play a game?
JefCon recap and games played.
a)      A Touch of Evil
b)      Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead
c)      Munchkin
d)      Wings of War
e)      D&D homebrew game by Buk. D&D official site
f)       D&D minis
g)      puzzle playtest True Dungeon
h)      Regent – A game by Jeff Martin.
Family trips in the car – now versus yesterday.
Walker’s Bluff
Movie and TV Updates
a)      A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin or HBO
b)      Legend of the Seeker
c)      Your Highness
d)      Hannah
e)      Arthur (Russell Brand is the name we couldn’t remember)
f)       Thor, Priest, Pirates of the Carribean 4, X-Men First Class, Super 8, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Captain America, and Cowboya and Aliens.  And finally Apollo 18 and Smurfs.
Movie Remakes
a)      Fright Night
b)      Footloose
c)      Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Conquest remake?)
d)      Creature from the Black Lagoon
e)      Dark Crystal sequel
f)       Dark Shadows???
g)      District 10, a sequel to District 9
h)      Red Dawn
i)       National Treasure sequel (another one)
j)       Mission Impossible sequel (yet again, argh…)
k)      Another Wolverine movie…
Ahh! Zombies!! – watch it.

Episode 12 – Chatter.

Episode 12 – Chatter.
Brian’s review of the Haunt Show.
The men of the 2 A.M. Podcast prove their respectability.
It’s the Voice of Garret !!
Kyle XY.
More pronounciation chatter.
Radiation, iodine, and magical iodized salt.
Offensive humor.
Predictions… Edgar Cayce and Jim Berkland.
Inappropriate photos – “Nice carrot.”
Listen t’us rap about JIBE.  We rap about JIBE and whut we do and do not dig it.
Zombie Attack!
Liz runs and Jeff games.  Scheduling conflicts abound! 
You can support Liz’s running for a good cause – Race for the Cure on April 16 in Indy.
90 Years!

Episode 11 – The Zombie Show

Episode 11 – The Zombie Show
Liz is filling in for Brian- in more ways than one?
A trip to the TransWorld Haunt Show .
Touching naked, painted women.
Dave gets lost.
A lack of reporting?
Nicknames- Briney Browens, Hot Liz, Spooky Jessica, Uncle Teagan, Uncle Dad, Small Dog, Canus Minimus.
Would you people just leave e-mails and voicemails already?
AMC’s The Walking Dead .
More on the End of the World!!  The Rapture…
Do you speak jive?
Astronaut ice cream.
Who’s line is it, anyway?  (Nope, not the TV show).
Buck Rogers.
Liz ruins Voltron.
Droppin’ names… our podcast followers!
Arrogance, confidence, and doctors, A brief mention on vaccines, You have a voice- use it!
Future topics: confidence vs arrogance, what will our future be…